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(pt lauren , k-dee)
Just another day in a rotten world, you say
Man , i must be gay
'cause i'm so in love with myself all the day
Look , the little man's getting away
I'm looking fine and i feel ok
Don't teach me to whyne and please don't teach me to pray
For insecurity
There's nothing to be learned from modesty
I'm jack , i'm jeff , i'm jim , i'm john doe
I'm jill , i'm kate , i'm jane
See i'm a 007 , the x-mas-me ,
A candy bar filled with the trendy thing in heaven
The dirty word's turning absurd , don't look at me
I'd like to think i'm not much more than you
What should i do?
Because i really am and i think you all know it too
Look , the little man is fitting the shoe
It's never me who you wanna move
Don't make me to see and please don't make me review
Your insecurity
There's nothing to be gained from modesty
Well , i'm not that sure anymore if i have a bottom line
Man , if there's anything at all
I want you to have faith in me
So i can bore another goddamn whore

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