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Screaming with the knife in your chest
I twist and watch you cough out your own blood
You asphyxiate slowly as i plunge deeper
Then you fall into deaths slumber

As i finish i tear the skin from your corpse
And drain you dry of your life's ocean
I quench my thirst and desecrate the land
With your pelt then walk back towards you

I rip open your flesh dispose all excess organs
There's only one i have great lust for
I rip it from your skinless corpse while it still beats
Then i bite into it and grin in satisfaction

Hunger is quelled
My thirst is quenched
My wills appeased
Your corpse destroyed
Your soul arises rips me apart
Death is my price
And you are avenged

Your ghost has risen and taken me unaware
And grabs my head and rips me in two
My soul tries to escape but yours chases and devours mine
As it infects you you terrorize your so called perfect world

Corruption is simple to contract
Taken or consuming someone else's evil will
Nothing stops you as you cannibalize
On your friends and family and every mortal alike
You are doomed now to your present existence
You are now crazed by your own corruption