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Date de parution : 06/02/2012

Durée : 0:04:39

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(this is so amazing)

Yeah, uh
Hey little kids wanna be like me
Smoke weed like me
Wanna drive in the car, top speed like me
Follow me you'll see
Gotta raise the temperature three degrees
Gotta meditate, then levitate, regulate with ease
You gone need a girl right by your side
To get you what you need
It's a small town, i mean so small they can hear you breathe
Right where you sleep, somebody there to take what you eat
From the projects, to the woodland, to some major league ahhh
Still these niggas still sleep cause i ride in all black suv
And i pray to the lord every single night that he shine so bright his light on me
Eyes all red and my diamonds blue
Main bitch yellow and my jesus too
Other won't write
Get pussy all night, run the streets all day
Hoes call me jose, okay
Smoking that zebra and fucking with g's
Whole lot of flows and i do it with ease
Fuck wit me doe, take three totes
Inhale the smoke, then turn to a ghost
Transparent, it's all good when the money clearing
But when them checks stop rolling in
That's the same day that we all fearing
And now i'm wheel steering
So far from where they shot (inaudible)
Other niggas coulda tagged along
But at the end they was not willing
To put it all on the line
And do it all on the dime
And do it all of the time
Until these kids know like all of your rhymes
Put your shades on, stare into the eyes of your enemies
You can drive fast, but when you crash there's penalties
Then these old g's
Still around with they old knees
As i ride through the cold streets with a bad bitch
And her toes pink, and her booty big
And her pussy great, and she doin good
What being in place
And my niggas good, yeah my niggas straight
And my money coming in a figure eight
What it look like, let me know
Just a year ago we was so broke
But i changed that with the same raps that you play back
It's so crazy bro
Some people lost in the past
Some i wish that would come back
Most of em all made me
Yeah, and that's a natural fact
Now this is all mine's
And to me that's all fine
I deal on the grind
Now, these are the times

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