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Andre Nickatina

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Date de parution : 23/02/2010

Durée : 0:02:49

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I'm always looking for a winna
Your rolling with a world wide sinner
Jump out the car and let the perm hit her

The city is a drug
My rolls royce is thumping like the club
So i ain't gonna front

Here have a blunt

Sittin' outa here deli square having lunch
The hennesy we drinking got us both getting drunk

And then i start to talk about my reigns
And how moneys made
Baby even when it rains, its not a game.

I'm bright like the night next door light
If it's the first class flight then it must be right, yo

And i don't have to time to be no sponsor
Man and if we do it right then we might have time to hit up all the concerts

Might hit the mall way harder then a boxer
Do something nice
Then he asking me to knock her
I could never jock her

Gotta put the game on display
She bit her lip and didn't walk away
My name is dre!

Verse #2
Baby make that flight
For real, we could do it all tonight
Now give me one chance to make it right

Cause' i could get the clients
And you can get the science

The way i'm talking baby, can make somebody else buy it
They really can't deny it

The city is the maker for the money
Blaze no, dirty talk to me

My number is 555-5555
It's kind of hard to memorize
I'm so live

I do a u-turn all on vaness
Baby thought i wouldn't do it cause' the car is so fresh

I jump out the car
Own her like a shooting start
And even though i wearing jordan man i still at the par

Man its the city life with the pretty life
When people treat their car and they money like a pretty wife

You take her round town maybe take her downtown
Anywhere the moneys quick and it never slows down.

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