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Nipsey Hussle

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(hook: nipsey hussle)
Need a hundred a show so we can fly in a jet
Fuck with you girl, you always ready for sex
Keep my eye on this game and let the money invest
And nigga i'mma die for my fucking respect

(verse 1: nipsey hussle)
You fucking with a young nigga, two twelves in the trunk nigga
Havin everything he want nigga
Life on the rush nigga
Probably never get enough nigga
All he wanna do is stunt nigga
It's hard looking up to him
Whole spot going up to him
New money getting stuck to him
Life it was rough to him
Skinny nigga he was buff to it
Trying to do it like puff do it
Do it like ross do it
Real life said wassup to it
Need a benz nigga fuck buick
Made a plan and i stuck to it
I'm a man you a bluff to us
Smart talk sparking sass to us
The money is a must to us
We came from these corners but we at it til we affluenced
You gotta bring your guts to it
Trying to get it to the point they gotta bring it in a truck to us

(hook: nipsey hussle)

(verse 2: rick ross)
All 'em blogs never shook a nigga
Hundred racks just to book a nigga
Greatest ever like a brooklyn nigga
All this ice here is hard to overlook a nigga
Fell in love with that fan's money
50 racks on that back end
Walk through cause four bricks
Maybach's when i back in
Lax nip roll that pound
Pool outside of that polo lounge
Mob bitch hold that down
Pinky ring go rollex crown
Testify; never go that route
Black bottles, that moet out
My first mil i had a kodak smile
Tell the plug bring more back now
Fake jewels never tolerate it
Pray boobee's case exhonerated
Every night i thank god i made it
Every night i thank god i made it!
My bitch bad like harley penguin
Big ass mansion from all that rappin
Tell the police call the captain
Motherfucker i'mma start the clappin

(hook: nipsey hussle)

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