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Kyle Bent

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(1 verse) people change so all i got is myself in this,
I tried caring, i tried practicing selfless,
We in a cold world but still we melting trick
So please dont put your hand out cause you aint even helping trick,
Tired of rapping bout the same old stuff,
Though i don't smoke i got the game rolled up,
Hold up, all these soft dudes aint so tough,
Talk nuff, then roll up and so oh "sup,
But we aint on the same level, we aint on the same page,
Sunning' all these lames though we look like we the same age,
You grade e, you's a sped ,im a dang spade,
If rap music's dead then watch me rise from the dang grave,
Cause this the prophecy ,nobody is stopping me,
The love is in my blood so you haters clogging my arteries,
Pardon me, im spitting hard, you nothing but some r&b,
Said i wouldn't go far, now i'm far past apologies,
I'm spitting out a part of me,
I keep it real, unless you stevie that ain't hard to see

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