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Left Boy

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Date de parution : 21/02/2014

Durée : 0:03:25

Style : Pop

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"oh what a lonely boy x3"

I've been gone too long
Working on these songs
Yeah, work is a bitch
Yeah, me and her don't get along
Cause, we're stuck. i try to keep my head up.
Cause i know if i don't get up
Nothing 'round here gon' be better

Well i guess that's life
Sometimes it feels like shit ain't right.
I'm at home, up all night
All alone, most of the time


Why do i do this shit?
10 am in the morning
I ain't seen no one in a month
And i got deadlines on deadlines
Back and forth thru the room
Gonna get this tune, i miss you
Why didn't you call back?


Cause i need to get things done
I wanna be that kid that they put on
Yeah they be like "what's that song?"
"yeah, that's my favorite one"

Who's that kid, looks like shit
Like he got no sleep in a month and a little bit
All white, let the kkk out
Understand what you try'na say
This ain't a good look right outta' book
But when i get a beat
Then i come up with the right hook
Need to get a tight cook
That works all night long
And some nice lad
To give me that summertime on

Next in line,
I'm fallin from the exit sign
And i know that its gonn be great
If i pull my way, i can't wait
It's like the sun is coming back up
Gimme some good weed in the muthafuckin hottub
I'm 'way and i don't know when i come back

Cause let's put it down real real nice for y'all
So imma let you think about that.



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