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Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards

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Strictly academic no doubt about it
Like the 10 plagues of egypt total epidemic
Israelites demand it freedom demanded
Waiting in the sand is how they planned it
Enter a series of calamites
All things considered humanities
All the days of biotech will witness
All the days of darkness
Well the river turned to blood and the fish died
The lice arrived and so did the flies
Sickness to the animals sickness to the humans
And hunger hit and the land was stripped
Hail storm the locust swarm
Civic unrest total annihilation while the evil armies march across the barren
Starvation did come
Great valleys did flood earthquakes erupt volcanoes disrupt
Masses engulfed in hostility
Plagued by disease and insanity
Clouds brought hail fire and blackness
As the world fell off of its axis
I look outside my window
All i see is scum
Surging up from the streets
All i see

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