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Secret Sphere

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Annie wakes up one morning ,
Golden downfall of hair on her chest,
Sparkle her pupils,
Diamonds of cheat and malice,
Every night thousand eyes are slaves
I know you like it,
Your puppets crawl around the luxury,
I know you like it

Beauty and power are eyes of the same face,
Entrapped in the mirror,
You've chosen to play with fire
And your heart turned into ice

I remember your words,
With class and grace you raped my senses,
All i got is yours, all you wish is me

Love again, i will help your heart in cage,
Time has come for you to love me,
I know you can
Love again, don't you know your heart's in cage,
You don't think the words you're saying,
I must set you free
From this thousand eyes show,

You betrayed, your lips, your body,
I see my hands are chained
And you got the keys, babe
My love 'till death, my cage, i'm blind,
Mistress of desire

Between fire and ice i live now,
In this sleepless night my sweat,
As holy water, sanctify the sacrifice

You come into my nightmares
Imploring me to set you free,
I swear i' ll be your saviour,
Into these arms you'll sleep

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