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Fatima Mansions

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("tonight the cataclysm is going to begin.")

You could tackle the trainer then run for two days
Through the end of all ghettos, a junkyard in the rain
She appears in a hail of carbon and steam
With a hissing of brakes and a fire-alarm scream

Let me in, let me in, let me in oh please--1,000,000%, 1,000,000%

And you cannot escape her--no creator!
And you love and you hate her--no creator!
And you should have (...)--no creator!
You're no fuckin' saviour--no creator!--chorus

("oh, dear, what a mess.")

It's the (...) disaster, run faster and faster
Run, run, run!
Let me in, let me in...

("what a little whore you are!")
("oh, my god.")
("can i piss on your friend?")

The new day dawns and another one spawns
The new day dawns and another one spawns

("the herald of the new age!")

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