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Violently awoken by your heartbeat once again
Was it just another dream you had
I'm halfway to the moment when i'm really gonna need you
& i don't think i can make it back
You touch me with the way you say 'i miss it everyday
& i'd pay anything to change the past'
But if you touch me on the leg again i think i'm gonna lose it
How are we gonna pay for that

I'm living out the fate of 1001
I'm underneath the weight of 1001
It's gonna take the strength of 1001
To carry you around

It was just about the minute when you told me you were leaving
I could feel it burning in my brains
Like smoke that doesn't travel up a chimney
I could feel my fevered blood thicken in my veins
I traveled to a corner of my mind where i could see you
Painting pictures that were clear as day
& i didn't mean to tell you i was ready for a change
It just kind of came out that way

I can't write a song
That'll let you know how strong
Cause it always comes out wrong
When i try to say it
My kingdom for a rhyme
That'll let you in my mind
So that you can just pull out the line
& that'll explain it

All these words flow but i aint living in the moment
I'm just thinking of the times you're here
I'm just around the corner from the way it used to feel
& i can sense that you've been somewhere near
Like sitting on the edge of it & waiting for a push
We've been stranded on this cliff for years
Maybe it's the fear of falling maybe just the landing
Only you can make it disappear

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