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The Lonely Island

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Hi. we're the guys who make the snl digital shorts. i'm andy.
I'm jorma.
And i'm justin bieber!
Tonight we're celebrating our 100th short. so come with us, won't you?

-let's celebrate!-
To us, to us
Truly a major milestone

A celebration! (yes!)
Of us, of us
Here's what we're going to do
Gonna shake off the cobwebs and limber up
And stretch it out and do plenty of pilates
'cause tonight, tonight we're gonna suck our own d**ks

Wait, what?
That's disgusting!
No, it's not.
Hey, look, it's shy ronnie and reba!
It's a celebration and we're going to party
Y'know we getting naughty
Take it shy ronnie
I'm a dude
Ronnie, bitch, and i rip you ass open!

We've done the creep and punched people before
We've done things in our pants that don't bear repeating
Tonight, they're gonna suck their own d**k
I'm reba!
Excuse i!
What is happening?

So shoot your laser cats and let the boombox pound
Raise up our glasses and...
Throw it on the ground!
Alcohol is poison, man!
Take it mahmoud
Body fuzion lady

(it aint over)
We put our junk in so many places
(like where)
Each other's mothers and these floral vases
(for sale)
And now they're takin' them out of their boxes
And puttin' them all up into our faces
(let's go)
Dear sister ate lettuce in a japanese office
Had a cherry battle and stopped all like bosses
And horsen
They happen every saturday
Pee-wee hit anderson
Just ask natalie

Yeah i had a baby (what!)
But i'm still crazy
Show my ass respect
But i make that f***ing gravy!

Jonah kissed his dad
And gaga was golden (tender roni!)
Ridin' on a boat with my man michael bolton
Jack sparrow
Hey, i've never been in a digital shorts
But these white boys are obsessed with d**k

Why was i tricked into doing this?
I don't endorse this song
No no no no no no

Yes yes yes
I do endorse this song
My name is will ferrell and i'm sucking my own dong
Cheerleaders, harry caray, jeopardy
I pleasure myself
Congratulations to me

Hey, come on man, this is our thing
Three 'best of's- count 'em bitch
Get out of here
Fine! i'll go by my own choice

(take us home now)

100th digital shorts
Not-not-not ninety-nine!
It was obviously building to this
(hell yeah!)
And all of them were written by lorne
(lorne michaels)
So tonight we're sucking our own d**k
(one hundred times)

One f**king hundred times

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