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Cassie Marin

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Take a deep breath right now.
And slow down your breathing.
I know not of why, but how.
Hearts capacity beating.
To think about words to say.
Just let your voice do the singing.
Don't worry about the future day.
Just live right now and me mang.

Cuz sometimes things don't always go the way you think they would. so just believe in me and let it go and wish.
I wwiisshh.
I wwiisshh.

He said stop, darlin.
Remember who you are.
Whip the tears from your eyes.
Courage left in disguise.
Watching from afar.
You claim my hearts beauty reflects in you.
Just ain't that easy.
But darlin i'll give you my best.
To prove to the world how we'll last.

Cuz we're all blinded by distraction.
We're left with only half the fraction.
Of what we've grown to... be.

If only i wwiissheedd.
If i wwiisshheedd.

One night i wished for one to tell me they loved me too.
They way i know i've read in books but never come to do.

I wwiisshheedd for you.
I wwiisshheedd for you.
For you. oh

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