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Luke Stricklin

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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Country

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My bills are paid, i've got some money saved
But it's been a week since i've seen my baby's face
Too much caffeine, and nicotine
Need a double shot of whiskey just to get to sleep
I can't complain, i just need to find a way
To break this chain of 12 hour days

I've worked down here, going on 10 years
But it's hard for me to call it a career
Cuz it's hour by hour, and check to check
Everyday i have to earn the man's respect
I've heard him say there's lines of guys to take my place
Up on this string of 12 hour days

I can't slow down, i can't fall behind
Last thing i need is a place in the unemployment line

I've got needs, and i've still got dreams
But it's family that means the most to me
So i do my job, and when i can i rest
And i'll do better with what little time is left
I should give thanks, and be proud of the life i've made
So tonight i pray for more 12 hour days

Them long 12 hour days

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