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Mercedes Rose

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I, i never got to say,
All the words i should have said
And all the words you should have read
There was time, when we could
(when we were fine)
Co-exist, and never raise a fist
The angers buried its time for us to end this

You could have held on
Only if you put down the bottle.

So long see you soon
Im throwing these words out to you
Hoping that youll hear my voice
Hoping that you made the right choice
You could have held on

The sin goes on and on
From fathers to sons
And from child to child
You had the power
To stop it in its tracks
But now the burden is left with me

Yes its burnt down to me
And i wont go quietly
I wont be like you

I may not remember every night
But you can be damn sure i remember the fights
From these broken bottles and to burnt cigarettes
Not saying goodbye is my only regret

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