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I'm running through these haters like frank gore.
Im gonna you and your raps your floor.
You dont wanna hear me talk but your girl want more.
I can see these other rappers point of view.
I can see why they rap and why talk shit about you.
Yeah, you haven't seen me before, because im new.
While your gettin high, your bitch is gettin low
Yo bitch ass is a pussy, call it calico.
I dont have a big ego, but i have a nasty flow.
Zip-zap i get it,
Like a lightning bolt.
I make that ass shake, back and forth
Like im on a boat.
Can we give a round of applause,
For people havin a cause, for that families
That are going through, a very tough loss.
But, everyday, my crew puts in work
We're bizerk
Dont be mad because your bitch
Is on top of me, as she twerks.