Paroles de 16 bars [freestyle]

Mastermix Masta & Mc Malabo

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(v1 : mc malabo)
Number 1, i always get me what i want
You're lookin for the best, im the one
Number 2, nice to meet you too
Its mc malabo, yea i represent my hood

Number 3, im the king of the streetz
These niggaz are gorillaz tryin to climb my tree
Number 4, dont ask me where im from
All i know is hip-hop is why im here for

Number 5, dont try to fuck with my life
If you aint a real niggaz dont even say hi
Number 6, the beat is makin' me sick
All i can think, is a hot chick suckin' my d**k

Number 7, forget about 9-11
Or the 2 towers, cuz i aint goin joven
Number 8, if you love me tell me men
Dont be starin' at me all day cuz i aint no gay men

(hook : repeat)

(v2 : mastermix masta)
Gimme 16 bars, let me do what i want
This aint 16, but i'll say what i want
Got multiple bitches moving wall to wall
I called a dozen more just for me and my bro

Ima hoes' boss, thatz the way that im called
I deep in both wholes, thatz the way that it goes
I like the rough type who can suck it like a pro
And i make her face flood everytime when i cum

Ima-ima, ima sex convertor
Changin' homo to straight, you can call me pussy terminator
I like 'em different colours, just as well as different flavours
Just early 20's but im rockin' all 'em different ages

Haha, im a king of the private zone
Im rackin jack jones, wearing all the tags on
Makin' niggaz' swag off when my swag is on
Bitches dream, the guy they fantasise on...

(hook : repeat)