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16 bars
16 bars
I can kill a ni**a in 16 bars
16 bars
16 bars
Went to the deala and bought 16 cars

Me im a flowa all nite tho
Fresh fit it cap v neck on tight tho
But i dont like those
Ni**a who rock po lo
Fresh to death fake dudes is homo
See cuz my wrist froze
Same cost dat make my neck glo
I fuck wit da street but im on my next hoe
Smoke dudes like chimineys
But u call me a new port
The way i rumble in the bronx
U would swear im from new york
Sittin at the world trade
Trynna make the world trade
I don made ya girl say
But imma make da world say
Dat my class stick heavy
The way i box and the chevy
Or box and the ring
I got glocks and dem things
Dat would pop throug
Ya brain and wont stop to it rain blood but no i aint blood tho and if u dont believe it u can ask cuzo
Fams dont lie to
Yea them dudes loud to
In ya ear like a blue tooth
And we all beast so them dudes is blue to
I can kill u to
And put it on u tube
And make these ni**as laugh and laugh cus

And 16 bars
16 bars
I can kill a nigga in 16 bars

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