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Blaze Bayley

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Date de parution : 01/02/2010

Durée : 0:06:03

Style : Rock

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What is the reason god blessed me with sight?
And shows me these signs in the sky
Where my observations are now leading me
I am just so afraid to describe
My certainty
The center of the universe is the earth
The holy father has decreed
But i believe this heliocentric truth
Will they burn me for what i believe?

In holy flame be purified
In holy flame

How can all this be offensive to god?
Who created all that i see
How can i deny what i know to be real?
Will they burn me for what i believe?
In holy flame be purified

Injuring the holy faith with my blasphemy
I will face torment, and i will taste pain
I will be purified in holy flames
I pray for my salvation
Offending the holy church with my heresy
Before this court and before holy god
I beg for mercy please forgive my sin
I pray for salvation
This fact cannot be disputed
The center of all creation is here
No debating and no discovery
Pray for my salvation
I abjure curse and detest all my errors
They are contrary to the holy scriptures
I recant for everything i have said
Pray for my salvation

In holy flames i'll be purified

And so we turn
And so we turn
Turning in a circle in a circle round the sun

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