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Where would you care to go
What would you like to see
We'll drive around in cars like we were 17

They'll never have to know
Don't think they would believe
The reasons for the way we all agree to disagree

The earth keeps spinning
But we're not moving
You start wanting more
And i'm burning out

I'm ready to go so don't tempt me now
You know my love when we fight it out
Then we make up in bed like we were 17

In case you didn't know
This is between you and me
We watch the stars fall from the heavens
But still we fail to see

The earth keeps spinning
But we're not moving
You keep wanting more
And i'm burning out

It looks ready to go so lets test it now
We might be wrong but we'll work it out
Till then can we make out like we were 17

They will never know
Cause the could never see
When living lives we just have to agree to disagree

That the earth keeps spinning
But something's not moving
You stop wanting it
But i just want out
And when there's no hope there should be no doubt
That we'll never know what it's all about

So let's just all get wasted like we're 17

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