Paroles de 18 candles

Nina Nesbitt

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Date de parution : 14/02/2014

Durée : 0:03:13

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Put your pictures in the scrap book
Keep your posters on the wall
Save your pennies in your pocket
'cause they're precious on us all
Oh oh, it's just begun
Keep your friends by your shoulder
Save your lovers in your heart
Put your enemies behind your back
That's where they always are
Oh oh, it's just begun
Now i'm 18 seeing something i've never seen
When i was 16, thought i knew it all
Now i'm 18 walking through the fire life throws me
I've 18 candles left to burn
Draw an outline in my sketchbook
Erase all your regrets
You go behind the bike shed
To smoke a cigarette
Oh, oh it's just begun
Emotions like a pick and mix
Don't know what you're gonna get
You're crying to the mirror now
It's all just in your head
Oh, oh it's just begun
13 candles, son you'll learn
14 candles, watch them burn
15 candles, soon you'll learn
16 candles, watch them burn
17 candles, soon you'll learn
18 candles, it's my turn
(chorus) (x2)

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