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Mod Sun

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Date de parution : 10/03/2015

Durée : 0:02:22

Style : Alternative

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I swear it's 1970
Let's take em back
Let's go

Yeah, i swear it's 1970
I'm up in san fran, off of haight and ashbury
Shot gun in the vee dub, i'm screaming out free love
We writing history, quit reliving that rerun
Hitchhike to venice, became an apprentice
Of a guru who used to serve dalai lama at breakfast
And he taught me relativity to orchestrate a symphony
Of positivity, empathy, synergy, and divinity
Health, success, and happiness will always be my mantra
Possessions don't own me man, i learned that shit from my rasta
You got the whole world on a string
Learned that from frank sinatra
Long live the lizard king, forever

I'ma be the change that i want to see
People gon remember me, i swear it's 1970
Money's cool and everything but i'd rather make a memory
I swear it's, i swear it's 1970

Thousand miles an hour, think weed is a flower
We fight the fist with peace signs of power til hate is devoured
We dry the eyes of tears we encounter, no more debbie downer
I don't even get sour when someone like
"hey, yo take a shower, you hippy"
I swear it's 1970

No better feeling than chillin in grenich village, illest (quote me)
I'm stealin in ginsberg in case you all bless me (holy)
Flow taught me survival, poetry was the bible
One flew over the coop was a message that spoke to my soul
Scoring goals like no goalie, we standing up to the bully
Prepare to speak until they hear it, like kindred spirit's spicole
On a journey to unite the world and no one can slow me
Impossible says i'm possible, back to the story
I'ma be the change that i want to see
People gon remember me, i swear it's 1970
I swear it's 1970

That's 1970 shit man
Come anytime with me
Mod sun
M-o-d s-u-n
Ra ta ta ta ta ta

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