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Anybody in here right now with tape decks turn 'em on
And put 'em on record, i'll give you a second
I want to add authenticity to your tape, so when it's sold out in the street
You all can know this was a real party

These are poems circulating throughout the nation
Everybody's bad and everybody's tough
But how many people are intelligent enough
To open up their eyes and see through the lies

Discipline themselves, yourself to stay alive? not many
That's why the universe sent me today on this stage
With this to to say, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer
And in the final hour many heads will lose power

What does the rich versus the poor really mean?
Psychologically it means you got to pick your team
When someone says the rich gets richer
Visualize wealth and put yourselves in the picture

The rich get richer, 'cause they work towards rich
The poor get poorer, 'cause their minds can't switch from the ghetto
Let go, it's not a novelty
You could love your neighborhood without loving poverty

Follow me, every mother, father, son, daughter
There's no reason to fear the new world order
We must order the whole new world to pay us
The new world order and the old state chaos

The big brother watching over you, is a lie you see
Hip-hop could build it's own secret society
But first you and i got to unify
Stop the negativity and control our creativity

The rich is getting richer, so why we ain't richer?
Could it be we still thinking like niggas?
Educate yourselves, make your world view bigger
Visualize wealth and put yourselves in the picture

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