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Squad Five-o

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Don't he look like a man
With the contract in hand
Sayin' to me "it's too big a hassle"
I'm lucky to be where i am
While he lives like a king
Up in a castle
He should be judas swingin' from a noose
But i'm feelin' like a bull in a lasso
Everybody's gettin' paid
As they sell my rights away
Except for me

I am yours and you are mine
Bastards in their eyes
Guilty before trial
We are victims by design
Captives all the while
Masters of denial
It's such a hassle

Was it always the plan
Create supply and demand
You give 'em a show they give you your money
Or make a dollar with the bible in hand
Now they're talking to you and you know it ain't funny
Got the congregation slightly amused
The tables are turned
And i saw jesus leave early
Don't they put the blame right down on you
By the time that sermon's through
You said to me

2 grand and a lot of hassle

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