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The Boxmasters

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Date de parution : 11/12/2014

Durée : 0:03:57

Style : Country

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Staring off into space smoking more than i should
Staying out of the race hiding from the neighbourhood
Looking out through the cracks catching glimpses of life
I touch the past when i look back like it's the edge of a knife

Playing to the crowd of one as i cuss my demons out
For the things that i have done to put my future in doubt
Feeling poison eat me up from the fun i thought i had
Before i knew that lady luck could turn stark raving mad

And i'd give anything for twenty years ago
And what i knew today about saying no
I'd give anything for twenty years ago
I'd never live the dreams that made this nightmare grow

Hardly leaving this place once a month for the news
That i shouldn't have much faith and my bill is overdue
My phone rings every now and then but i never pick it up
Don't want to talk to old friends who are up on their luck

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