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Dry Kill Logic

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Date de parution : 05/10/2004

Durée : 0:03:22

Style : Alternative

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Chorus: i'm of the opinion/
That it's all or nothing-
When the chance comes
Will you be there? / never surrender/
Will you give up will you
Your life has been to do this
The same, when you're 200
Give in when it all falls away? /
Than nothing/ nothing/ all
For this/ and i feel that's stronger
/ i've been the one forgotten/
I've been the one uncertain/
Years forgotten/ will you rise above them all?
When all the plans had failed/
When all the rest had bailed/
The rest will come and go i/
If i am what they say/
Will be the one that/ stays! stays! stays! x2
You've wondered for the last time/

Second verse variation at ending :
Will be the one that/ 200 years forgotten/
The rest will come and go i/
200 years forgotten/
Will you rise above them all? /
Will you have suffered the fall?

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