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Bob Schneider

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Date de parution : 24/10/2011

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : Alternative

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The year is 2002
I'm doing exactly what i wanted to
Baby i don't even think about you anymore

Just thought id drop you a line
To let you know i was doing fine
'cause baby it's been a long, long time
Since you walked out my door

It took me some time i must confess
For a while there i was feeling less than my best
Had get out of town so i headed out west
Ended up in seattle

I thought id start a brand new band
Thought i might call it lonelyland
Things got a little out of hand
Ended up hooked on heroin

So ended up moving back over to germany
Living with the folks baggin' grocery
The time i had was mostly free
I spent most of it drinking

I got myself in a jam or two
Guess it's what i had to do
Late at night id still thinkin' you
Felt like i was drowning

I met this girl at a discotheque
She is a dancer, baby, but not what you'd expect
She taught ballet
And she was half-czech, half chinese

But after she decided not to have the baby
Said she might move back to the mainland maybe
But then i didn't really care
I was half drunk, half crazy

Got arrested, but never convicted
Parents eventually had me evicted
Tried your number, it been disconnected
Guess i should've known

Heard you got married and you moved away
Called your folks but where they wouldn't say
Said it's probably better that way
So i just let it be

Moved back to austin 'bout a year ago
Drive a school bus i don't drink no more
Go out every once in a while and see show
But mostly i just watch tv

So i don't know where im gonna send this letter
I doubt things are ever going to get much better
Seems like life's one big whatever

Just thought id drop you a line
Lie and say i was doing fine
'cause baby it's been a long, long time
Since you walked out my door

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