Paroles de 2014 forest hills drive (freestyle)

J. Cole

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Yo, a, listen, fuck it

The do or die new arrival
Holla at my niggas you survive, you's alive
You follow me and ride or you's a rival
The difference between you and i, you a model
You posing, but who am i though
The mulatto outfit at lotto
Money coming soon the newest motto
Your crew is hollow
The type of niggas god will eat, chew and swallow
Your girl told me shoot in her face she suicidal
Oh shucks, you niggas is clothes you fold up
I'm from the ville, niggas get killed over four bucks
Thank god we made it my niggas, we grow'd up
Not to crazy over that bread call us the doughnuts
Mo sluts once the money blows up
But them hoes stop if the doe drops
I won't stop i'm a chip off the old block
I'm from a city where niggas hold glocks
Leave you lookin' like old socks
Cops patrol blocks plottin' on us
Them boys is rotten, i know they want us
Probably arrest a nigga, get a bonus
Kill a nigga, get promoted

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