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I got a final notice from the bank today
Catch up your car payment or we'll take it away
It's the strangest time i have ever known
The kids school sent home a note
Says i must buy all supplies
They must have designer clothes
Or there'll be tears in their eyes
It estranges still10years till they're fully grown
Well, i'm so stressed, i'm shooting 2-fers
At the local bar. when some lizzard-licking
Tow truck re-posesses my car
Ch, ch, changes....21st century changes
Well they bailed out wall street
We got stuck with "the bill"
If the banker don't get'cha
The taxman will
It's the strangest times i have ever known
Some thought the world was ending
Stockpiling (doomsday)bunker shelves
While others,text drive and risk our lives
Just to please themselves
It's the strangest times i have ever known
Mayan doomsday came and went
No meteors did bombard
Still got the doomsday preppers
Digging under my yard
Ch,ch, changes....21st century changes
It's a sign of the times ,when people
Pin retirement dreams
On some power,mega, multi-state lottery
It's the strangest times i have ever known
The elected hear the people's voice
But they won't cave
Until the people's voice hit's em
Like a tidal wave
It estranges, they treat us like
We're worker drones
Only one way to correct'em.
You know what i'm talking about
Just let your voice be counted
When it's time to turn them' others out
Ch,ch, changes.21st century changes
We're going thru..21st century changes
You know we're living in the.21st century

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