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Date de parution : 03/03/2008

Durée : 0:03:46

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I fell out kicking screaming
Three quarters through the twentieth century
Into warm hands that cured me so well
Curiosity helped with learning
And teachers tried to educate me
All is well i'm lucky don't you know

Then i nine to fived in a factory
To pay your way you have to earn it
I started getting doubts around that time
But progress keeps on thriving
And hopes are high for the twenty first century
We're closer now and lucky don't you know

Then i look around me
And wonder where i fit in
With all this sick delusion
I think i thought something then
Should i just let it go or use it

I don't ask much
I just want back what's mine
Help me find a place inside
I won't ask much
Just let me use what's mine
Feed me and i'll open wide

Possessions make for happy
And it's extra sweet if the taste's aesthetic
You can let them know with just a simple sign
Gone are days of fixing
And anyway you want the next thing
Don't know why but you need it all the same

Then i watch the tv
And i see where it begins
Our heads spun bland confusion
I think i thought something then
Should i just let it go or use it

Hey, it's worse than i thought
These fuckers don't rest
Nothing is sacred anymore
It seeps when you wake
It eats while you sleep
Perhaps it's time i started
Kicking and screaming again

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