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The Vibrators

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He's havin' a good time,
But he's on the dole.
Never had no money,
But he's into rock'n'roll.
An' you know he's great,
You know he's gonna make it.
So you, don'tcha stand around and hate it.

Ch: 'cos he's 24 hour people,
He ain't no 9 to 5.
He's 24 hour people,
Won't take that same old jive.

You know she's livin',
In a fallout zone,
Of new wave music,
An' a broken home.

An' you know she's great, etc.

They're livin' in the city,
They know the whole thing's trash.
They don't want their new future,
Sold out for cash.

An' you know they're great, etc.

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