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(hook: teeflii:)
Girl, don't hide that pussy
You should be the type to provide that pussy
And let a thug hit it
You ain't gotta get dressed or do your hair
Girl i got 24 hours
24 hours, it's just me and you
I got 24 hours, 24 hours, 24 hours
You won't have nothing on, for 24 hours!

(verse 1: teeflii:)
Yeah, you look good wit no make up on
Sex, sex in the morning
You ain't no good girl, good girl, you're a bad girl
You ain't no side chick, you know you fine
You a thicky wit yo thick ass
I know everywhere you take
We fuck then get some sleep
Wake up then do it again!


(verse 2: 2 chainz:)
24/7 like a waffle house
Three cell phones still, nothing to talk about
Might pull your girl with a head nod
I used to off white like eggnog
My baby mamma better than these r&b hoes
Towel on the floor, looking through the peep hole
I ask them who is it, they say room service
Give me one minute, she gettin' a womb service
Damn! south side nigga on the west side!
Still got a whole closet full of reptiles
The nigga ain't hard, he erectile
And i just beat it up, i need a hand tie

(verse 3: teeflii:)
Walking around, combing your hair
And you know that i want it right here, yeah, yeah!
Catch you out, you bring me up
Yeah, yeah you want my touch
You know you fine (you fine)
Got long hair and don't care
I know everywhere you take
Fuck then get some sleep
Wake up and do it again!


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