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Chip Tha Ripper

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Chip tha ripper ft. wale - 25 wives

(verse 2)

Got women in every city. winning in every city
Her body's been paranormal since buying that pair of titties, look
Silicone bitches got the confidence
But natural bitches get all my compliments
I ain't trying to conflict: nickels to dimes and shit
Make something out of nothing. nigga, i macgyver that bitch
Niggas wild as shit. no rubber, just climb in that bitch
Take your hat off and get to cuttin: kung lao with that bitch
Mortal kombat, my shit is beyond rap
I keep it 100 nigga: warren moon, warren sapp
Hit, i never call her back. bet she keep on coming back
You keeping her dry, shit, i named that bitch "tsunami cat"
I'm too pollished, i ain't looking for acknowledgement
Put my squad on my back like i'm wearing me a starter jacket
Yall lame niggas. no bitches when yall out
I get that ivy league brain, catch me with a dart mouth.

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