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Gin Blossoms

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She used to love me
But she just couldn't say it
Her friends just told me
I just found out today
I could have had her in my arms
But i didn't know
That she used to love me
But that was twenty-five women ago
If she just could have told me
You know i would have been true
But she knows all about the girls that i've had
There's not a thing i can do
Why did they have to tell me
I wish that i just didn't know
That i could have been happy
But that was twenty-five women ago
I close my eyes and i see her
She's even lovelier now
I want to ask her to give me one more chance
But i don't even know how
And then she speaks to me softly
And says there's one thing that i know
You get but one chance at true love
And yours was twenty-five women ago

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