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This aint camera
This aint vado
This is that rapper named sway, dasafo
King of picasso u-k's movado
Because i'm breaking bread with jamaicans - hardough
Black african they call me donny darko
But in this mad world i'm fair - half bro
I love money i take it from anybody
And i'm never sorry when i leave an ex like heart broke
See the horns, i've got them saying bravo
Welcome to the delivery two, this is my parcel
And i'm a sheppard my staff is working hard
So the only lambs that i'll be rollin with'll be gollado's
Or phantoms, of the oprah
Because i'm tryna make that money like harpo
I got that tax free, dirty money in my hand see
Got the whole team saying argro
They got my back like barcodes
Set up president even though most of us cant vote
Because they got cases that cant close
So much money involved bro you cant fold
There's so many whips behind us
I don't know if this is a slave ship or car show
I talk a lot of s***
- ima a**hole
Anyway, punta, kinte, the o.g
I told you mudasukas that my name's not tobi
Put me back on my boat please, i wana see cofee
Anna, one hand up on the beach like oh see
Chillin in the shades, and i aint talkin oakley
Sway's, always been the sun ray that they don't see
Prince charles of the rap game, where? oh, me?
Britains number one rapper everybody owes me
So pay up, or don't sleep
Better stay up, i'm coming to your home g
Playing with my money's like playing with my emotions
So ima start robinsons smokey
Here is sway again
That's what the haters sayin
From two thousand and eleven
I got it covered like arabians
They better run for cover
Coz i'm coming for the game again
And they wont see my face,
Like the cover of casabian
Left me in the rain and now this brothers got his flame again
I'm ready to aim-i'm back in the gym ready to train again
Careerin it all rocky but i'm blamin it on adrian
My age is tweny eight so i got no space to be playin
Seekin the space to flow he's outa this world i fink he's alien
Ready to face off with anybody face to face wid em
The animal has just escaped from nicolas's cage again
Your crew are from the apes, well i'm ready to raider theme
And i aint stopping at the white flag like a canadian
Red i'm gona be paintin them without a new leaf
I'm ready to draw the blood of anyone using my name in vain again
And i will go insane if they don't let me in the game
I'll go into the palladuium with pockets full of uranium ready to explain a-gen

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