Paroles de 3 in the morning

Chris Marsol

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Date de parution : 09/12/2008

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Alternative

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Open the blinds and let you in
You're the sunshine, you're not the wind
I held the rain a thousand years
That was the thing that caused my fears
I never thought it would be me
Fell off the cliff so easily
Laying in bed and i'm wide awake
Insomnia won't go away
Girl its 3 in the morning; 3 in the morning
Girl, all of my thoughts burn up in you
Girl you gave no warning; there was no warning
Girl; obliterating my point of view
I can't seem to get out my way
What if i asked for you to stay?
What if i held a hand again; would you forgive me for my sins?
All i can see is me and you
Sail down the sea of violet blue
Crimson the color of my heart
Take my hand and guide me through the dark
In the middle of the night
You flood my thoughts
My damn is broke i drift away
Trying not to move, waiting for the ball to drop
Trying not to think about the price to pay
I must've fell asleep thinking about you and me
The sun is shining in the sky signaling the break of day
Seems like anything is possible just as long as i'm asleep