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Kids We Used To Be

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You're out there,
You're on your own,
So cold and alone,
Since you surrended control.
Your falling down like autumn leaves,
So far that it is tearing us apart.

We are wasting our time,
Were only making things harder,
I fail by design and i'm just getting started.
You'd hate to find,
That i'm not your first martyr,
I'm a surgeon with my crimes and i'm just getting sharper.

I can feel our time slipping away,
This heart refuses to break,
I know how we can make this right.
We'll just take this car and we'll get lost tonight.

We can take as long as we need,
Even if it takes forever and a day.
Take some time and hear me out,
Before others take charge
And others lead the way

Don't try to hide,
Your feelings let them show,
They don't understand,
Cause only i know.
As time ticks by,
We fall further every time,
But we both know,
That your already mine.

We can take this slow,
We have no directions,
Because we have nowhere to go.
So take my hand and let me lead the way,
Into the morning light,
Lets get lost tonight.

I can feel our time,
Slipping away
(lets get lost tonight)