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Analyze the devices
War with thee
Pieces of your destiny corrupted
Rise, thriving
Can you verify the lost contents

Gravel lodged in your throat
Flesh box cavity
Gradual eruption probe
One that feeds
Hands that caress a crooked spine

Absorbing bi-products
Prompt exchanges
That will deconstruct

Move on forward
Signs that will pierce like labor pains
Sharp ways of a drunkard
The dogs shall devour and lap up their blood

The prime suspects will not restrain
With affection, recession
Final effects of a broken hope

Of a broken shell, of a broken yoke
Walk and learn from these
Deviant loss of wealth

Quarantine the divisions
The double edged sword
Depth incision

Glutton eat your fill
Divination is that of a swine babbling in their filth
Beware of the things hibernating in your skull
Reeking havoc

Malignant cells still active
Schemes that will inflict my son
Schemes that run rampant

If the disease of self
Leaves a heavy burden on your soul
It must be removed like bricks in the belly
You will sink in to the depths

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