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(verse 1)
Hold up wait a minute all good just a week ago
Should have covered you in gold call your ass c3po
But we are 2 crazy, nothing too swanky
Tetanus every breakfast, rusty spoon raised me
I came to steal the game, polo for the povos
Broke like daddy's condom, cockroach in the pot roast
Both my brothers higher than the lawn grow at the condo
And i can't blame em, we all know bout some sorrow
(yo) though i never leave door closed
Trying not to worry bout a x like bordeaux
Shout to speaking french
I never spoke english when you wanted d&ms;
I'll come back around like karma i suggest you think again
When you want to hurt my feelings, with your fucking evil friends
Woah, i'm sorry, i'm just scared of the future
I want to sit in the dark, lurking the computer, hold up

No matter what you say or what you do
When i'm alone i'd rather be with you
And fuck these other ninjas i'll be right by your side
Til 3005, hold up

(verse 2)
I used to care what people thought, but now i care less
I'm careless, car-less, carried away with being depressed
In fairness, life was never fair, and they said this
I need some black and white man all this grey was not expected
Begged for independence then you get it you regret it
You didn't crave a necklace just someone to lay in bed with
Hear you pressures like you heard mine, told me that you'll be fine
Told me that you'll be fucking them boys in a weeks time - ouch
So i'm lying on the couch tryna' rewind
Or fast forward, it was never for pussy besides
The b-line can come now that we've retired but we'd tried
I deny the things they say about you coz you're divine
And oh, i think pulled a muscle in my heart
I wish i wasn't charming 'til you let me feel you up
'til you let me take you home, coz we assumed its supposed to be
Sucking soda streams, now i can't sleep through broken dreams
Hold up


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