Paroles de 3:10 to yuma

Frankie Laine

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Date de parution : 19/09/2012

Durée : 0:01:58

Style : Soundtrack

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There is a lonely train,
Called the 3:10 to yuma.
The pounding of the wheels,
Is more like a mournful sigh.
There's a legend and there's a rumour.
When you take the 3:10 to yuma,
You can see the ghosts,
Of outlaws go riding by, (riding by)
In the sky (in the sky),

'way up high.
The buzzards keep circling the train,
While below the cattle are thirsting for rain.
It's also true they say,
On the 3:10 to yuma,
A man can meet his fate (not faith--assholes!).
For fatetravels everywhere.

'though you've got no reason to go there,
And there ain't a soul that you know there.
When the 3:10 to yuma whistles its sad refrain.
Take that train (take that train)
Take that train.

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