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Violent Femmes

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See a girl walkin' down the street
Just the kind of girl that i'd like to meet
It ain't her hair, her clothes, her feet
Somethin' much more discreet
Now i ain't loud baby i ain't proud
I just want what i'm not allowed
Movin on up & help myself
Do a world of good for my mental health
Something's brookin' that needs to be fixed
I don't know how to tell you this but
I'm getting bored and i need some kicks
Like 36-24-36
Man-o man-o man-o man
I got a red hot plan if you understand
Cannot fail it's plain to see
I'm have'n fun and makin' money
I know this summer's gonna be the best
If i don't die from lack of rest
Experience what my daddy said
That's what i got just like he said
Something was broke but i got it fixed
I don't know if i should tell you this
But i was gettin' bored and i got my kicks
Like 36-24-36
Somethings special 'bout her personality
Somethings special 'bout her psysiology
I want lots of pretty chicks
I want lots of pretty chicks
I want lots of pretty chicks
I want lots of...

Gordon gano: vocals, giutar
Brian ritchie: bass, vocals
Victor delorenzo: drums, vocal

*previously unreleased

Recorded as a demo for the title track of a movie that was never made.

Gorno music reprinted with permission

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