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Well baby i fell for you(yeah)

I wrote you this song,(oohh)

I wait outside your door,
Even though i know it was wrong.

7 days a week,
Every hour of the month,
Gotta let you know,
Where my heart,
Is coming from,

I shouldn't feel this way,
But i just gotta say,
I gotta let you know baby,

I will try
To make you come
Closer to me

And maybe make
You believe
It's not just a phase,

How can i keep you baby
Get it through
To tell you
What i can't lose

I will try 365 days,
365 ways to get to you

To get to

Every second,every tick tick of the clock
I want you all
To myself
(all to my self)

Every second
Every tick tick of
The clock

I just can't
Handle myself,
Feeling kinda guilty
But girl i can't stop

Girl i don't want
Nobody else,
No one else,
No one else...

I will try
To make you come
Closer to me

I'll try 365 days...
365 ways to get to you

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