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Black Milk

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Date de parution : 27/12/2011

Durée : 0:04:04

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Yes lost in the stress, fought and was taught by the best,
Now that you know, so not one too test,, i am not like the rest,
Never had an out-of-breath flow, next flow fly to the next show,
And your ex might get exposed & and the girls cant keep thier legs closed,
As she put her lips close to the ear lobes saying words in my ear like
???? com'on lets head on the bedroom; god damm
Yea gift & a curse and i dont mean everything that you see is perfect
Everything that the game bring gave us answers and chance
Stay clear of the fucking circus as the earth spin,
Trying to find a purpose in this lifetime,
Last year no wasnt in my right mind
09 oh thats a year in my lifeline
The whole time i wondered could i expose mine?
Or show the whole world another part of both sides
Im like bam my nigga by10-? died
Shit im like dam
My mans the one that helped me in the game back then
Wish i could rewind time just to go back then
Classic song and classic flow
& fuck this rap shit he listen to classic gold
One classic ??????????
It seems one minute your hear the next minute your friends gone
Parade rained one like we stayed in the stone
Get a call with a voice crying on my phone
Something wrong when hexed, everything sloooweed down,
Besides my truck on the road im in now im doing 100 miles per hour, im gone,
No not hexed, much later seen a little more progress, but im still stressed couldn't move
Locked in the gloom trying to spit my way out this hot spitters room
But he let us know keep going, so until i get better i keep flowing,
With every endeavor i speak on keeps me ahead like a leap forward
With any and every each song keep going!
Yea so i came back asap, a rap for niggas until my aunt died,
Now my brains back brain lapsed same trap
Same year different scenario same tears from the same crap,
& and i dont want this to interfere;
Im one of a kind but the the only one thats here
Only one left but with the peers
Niggas arrive for him but hes the only one who steers
The steal wheel until his career is finally here;
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