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Jacopo Ricci

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Date de parution : 03/11/2014

Durée : 0:05:44

Style : House

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When i turn the knob up is just war in the club
All those ass coming up to describe it aint enough
All those hairs moving hard, all that crap in the jag
Alcohol to forget what is wrong, with the gaps
365 women - wish a year full of sex
365 fellows wish a year full of that
Freedom i mean, you got wrong what is that?
U thought pussy, i know but we already have it.
U been trough all your problems this year isnt it?
But now music, she wants to remove all this shit
For the big for the kids everyone who needs it
Its your time to feel free, for your enemies bleed
Is your time to fill glasses with vodka rum or gin
So get crazy so crazy so mean,
Mr. saxoshit

It seems to be in another life
We gonna born again somewhere
Another year without pain and fear
So its 365 to life!