Paroles de 3am in cape town (swag worth a mill pt.3)

Casey Veggies

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I'm in south africa right now if you're wondering
I'm out here in the field
Almost done with my debut album
Hope you doing good shawty

(verse 1: casey veggies)
Saint laurent raincoat, at the restaurant with my main ho
She a mix of black and anglo, going down the pipe like drano
Sip james, we help chains grow
I got a girl chase me (?)
I'm off the chain like django
Poppin champagne, and rose moet
Been two years she growing up, damn girl you got body
And i'm trying to remember the last time when i seen you last at that party
She signed up for my program and then hopped up in my audi
We ain't really with all the titles, but she know that that's my shawty
(yeah that's my shawty)
I been busy dream chasing and recording
Let's hit the hotel and have a party
I fuck with black bottles, moet and that shawty

(verse 2: casey veggies)
Puma life we killin that i rock headbands all summer
Like weezy baby or birdman i feel like the number one stunner
If this was like '06 i would've pulled up in that hummer
Yellow with the windows tinted rims big like bitch get up in it
She dancing on me like soul train, i'm a rockstar like coldplay
I bet that money gon' make her do it, these broke niggas get no play
Get to the dough my day job, we do it no practice like a i
If this shit was the nba, then i'm that rookie nigga that stayed on
Life changes, white ranges, black beamers, and jeep wranglers
Pnc , we got our own store on bethany, them white people hate us
Hater niggas is instigators, i guess the boy intimidate ya
Young nigga been running the city, when i was 7 i got (?) with the mayor
I fell in love and i felt played, that's how the game go
I'm grinding out in cape town, all around the world my name known
A lot of people gon' stay down, but when shit hit the fan then they gone
The dark always come to light, i'm just glad that it didn't take long
These bitches love me like a drake song
Ever since my grandma passed away, my momma showed me how to stay strong
We blowing up like napalm, these days short and these night's long
Girl i know that i fucked up but i learned from it that's the right wrong
I beat it up with my ice on, she like "casey, you on your rapper shit"
21 i made years in veteran, never quit
Don't bring your girl around me like trey songz i take your chick
Subtweet, yeah that's my freak, i hit it twice a day all week
It's young veggies, you know my name, i don't like to play, but i play the game
It's levels to this shit boy, and me and you are not the same
Peas and carrots you know the gang, hunnit mil that's the aim
I told you you're manners are lame come fuck with a real one that's hopped on a plane
Yeah that's my shawty

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