Paroles de 40 oz quartet part ii

Tha Liks

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Date de parution : 25/05/2001

Durée : 0:01:31

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Lazy-ass gentlemans may i have yo' drunk-ass attention please
Comin to you motherfuckers live on stage here tonight
I'd like to present the most intoxicated, most inbreezeiated
Most anpissipated, group of our time the 40 oz, quartet
Take it away, gentlemans

It's the cap twistin clique that get you sick off one sip
Of this concoction - pass it to a nigga like stockton
Grape juice, johnny walker, olde e, and hennesey
So much remi in my kidney they had to send me to sidney
To find a remedy, from drinkin kegs all alone
I wish they'd leave my head alone, i'm just an alkie to the bone
They try to send me to aa, i said "ay ay!"
Not today-day, i just bought a bottle of tan-gueray-ray
But first i gots to finish, my eight ball and guinness
I'm feelin so dry now man, i must replenish
Ohhhh i like the gir with the fat backs
But i be so damn wet i never get a chance to smack that
Straight out of order sign on the weenie
Wasted chips buyin a bitch a gang of apple martinis
I'm just a drunk (i can't help myself)
I'm just a drunk (drinkin x.o. off the top shelf)
I'm just a drunk (no i can't help myself)
I'm just a drunk

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