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(just pierre:)
Uhh, jesus is number one, tell me who's the runner up
Coach christ calling plays, prayer's how we huddle up
What's for lunch, bread of life, eatin' til i'm overstuffed
Sippin' living water, tell the bartender, 'order up'

Back up in the spot like parallel parking
Spreading news how through jesus, my sins was pardoned
He said he's coming soon, like a movie preview
And when this life's over, through christ i'll have a sequel

In the will of god, that's where you can find me
I'm clothed in his righteousness, i wear it like armani
Without him, but aiming for perfection, we're bound to miss
We have a better chance trying to drown a fish

People say they trying to make a difference
But got a black belt in kicking it, i'm sick of it, got it twisted like licorice
It's time to get militant, dangers imminent
So spread the word that if we cry out to jesus then he's delivering

The day is approaching, it's no time to be passive
That devil, that dragon, he's plotting and he's planning
Deceiving and snatching, and holding us captive
But jesus was ransomed to give us life everlasting

Uhh, i'm up to bat like a-rod
The wages of sin is death, we earned that paycheck like a day job
But thank god for sending his only begotten son
To save us from, the suffering and destruction of what's to come

Born sinner like j. cole, but this ain't where the story ends
As i flip through the book of john, chapter 3, it say we must be born again
The devil trying to play me like a sport again, so i'ma go hard 'til the quarter end
Like the street lights on, i'm going in. seeking god everyday, i want more of him

Forget the nonsense, i rap about the king instead
But they sleepin' on the flo' like it ain't no beds
I'm like, yo, how could you not want to proclaim this
Jesus christ, half man, half amazing

Life is a maybe, death is for sure
Sin is the cause, christ is the cure
Praise to the lord, for giving me turnaround
Eternity's an elevator, 2 options, up or down

I used to boast in my rhymes so seamlessly
Now i hate those lines like the dmv
See cuz if there's any good that you see in me
Know that god is responsible, he is so remarkable

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