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She is ain't
Nothing but five feet away i
Drive home in that new chevaly
Hit the street in about one day
Feelin a little dream to compare
To me and that's what you have to
Make love to this new single i;m
Thinkin bout how me and you mingle
It's one thing that we have to sing
We been around the club goin crazy
I'm thinkin about you havin my baby
You say you ain't nothing but five
Feet away i think about you every-
Day is we in day because the way i
Feel about on my two-way it's okay
And we livin through life and the
Life be great call you tonight you
Alright we gion dawgstyle in the
Bed it's all straight and it's gonna be ex-rated summertime in
Mind feelin located i'm kinda
Thinkin bout are you comin you say
You five feet away are you comin
She say ain't nothing but five
Feet away i drive home in that new
Chevely hit the street in bout one
You come in tha house in ya gucci
Heels you thinkin my mind how does
This feel take off ya shirt and ya
Skirt i have you thinkin i'm a
Pervert go in the refrigarator get
The icecream and the whip cream girl tonight we havin wet dreams
You in the bed no clothes on hang
The phone we bought to get busy
About one hour later she put on
Her clothes gave me a kiss and
Went out door she said she five
Minutes away she called and said
She say she ain't nothing but five
Feet away i drive home in that new
Chevely hit the street in about one
Yeah showty get like that get it
Would you suck or lick let me know

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