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King Los

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Uh, jumped off a building
Land on a girl that was brazilian
I don't know, i just made a million
I'm thinking about dealing
Or making another dealing
I'm thinking about willing
Or making another willing
They gon' have to get batman
He making another villain
I was chilling
Now everything i'm concealing
Is being exposed
When i reload an unload
These dudes gon' lose control
Oh - remember control that i did over that one beat
I don't give a fuck nobody can sit in sun's seat
Cause that's the throne
And sun seeked the throne
Sun seeks the throne
Now sun eats your own
Hold on, break it down
I'm about to take it down
Earthquake flow, my shit can shake the ground
They don't understand me and sway man we gon' shake the town
And anybody in my way i'mma shake 'em down
It's about to happen
I'm on 4 blasting
On captain
Niggas can't stop me
How they blocking
I'm blacking out
Hold on nigga i'm zapping out
I don't understand what's happening
These niggas's backing out
(since mace and puffy?)
They can't face me
They way too bluffing
I don't give a fuck i'm slight stuffing
Inside your chick
And i'm rocking i'm ripping
These niggas ain't getting what i'm saying
I'm mike you pippen
It's different
On a mic i'm ripping, you slipping
I'm michael back sliding
Moon walking
You coons talking
Nobody is happening
My platoons
Awesome i'm awesome
I assume arson will happen
Every time i flow know what's going on
I don't give a fuck i'm showing out because the show is on
You don't get it? nigga that's bilateral symmetry
Any enemy
I break niggas down chemically
This is going down for real niggas, you timidly
Looking like you really wanna end of me
The energy of entities
I've been drinking hennassy
And remy i think i got no remedy
These niggas got no energy
Damn i'm about to break it down take it down
I don't even like the beat
Fuck it, i'mma shake it down
Just like the hation nation
Niggas facing
Allegations, i'mma alligator
It's different, uh, uh
I am like al-qua da
Blowing niggas up
Right in the elevator
On the escalate, i didn't escalate it
They been told too many stories i don't believe it
Hold on
Jesus creepers jeepers creepers
I'm old school just like beepers
I need franklin's aretha
Beverly hills i'm in my sneakers
Bumping stephany mills through my speakers
And i only fuck with divas
And new york chicks that puff cheeba
Cheeba cheeba reefa reefa
Uh, i break it down i think you needa - see what i see nigga i'm the seated
Top one but i'm not conceded
Like remmy had that one song if you was conceded
Uh, but i'm black on cats
I don't even understand cus i'm back with a rap
Did you say a word sway because i can inter crop with it
And i don't give a fuck what they saying they gotta hate
He said hip-hop
I'm old school like g-shock
Bucket hats
They loving that
The eyes odd
What the fuck the stripes
Fucking streps off the jumper
(p diddy)
Uh, i'm in three city's
Doing press runs every day
Repping p diddy
That's the bad boy crew
Bad boy since i was born
I'm about to do it big so you know what i'm on
(shade 45)
Uh, shade 45
I got ak's, grenade's and 4'5"s
You don't really want war
You niggas talking crazy
But i'm from bemore
Leave your body at the seashore
On a seashore
(my man rob markman!)
Rob markman, mtv
Hold on, i think a lot of rappers envy me
It's about to happen because i am the m.p.v of the game
M.v.p, the mp3 is bumping
(yo heather b!)
Heather b, nobody can get in the ring and feather me
I am the feather-weight-champion
Heaven sent me to do what i gotta do
Every century
I'm a century old
Niggas will get old
(wack mcs!)
Wack mcs, oh my god they lack degrees
This is vicious
I'm about to show 'em how i get it demolition
I'm about to fucking flip it
I'mma switch it
I can get it
I'mma grip it
(sway in the morning!)
Sway in the morning
Uh, hey is for horses but fuck it i say hey in the morning
And anybody who still up
And hey and i morn 'em
I don't think they understand because i sway in the morn 'em
(you the hottest mc!)
You the hottest mc
Nobody in the world could really see me
Nor on a tv
Big screen
Or 3d
I'mma do it hard i ain't rated pg
This is x-rated
(fuck these bitches!)
Uh, fuck these bitches
I don't love these bitches
I don't love these snitches
They get stitches
I put 'em in ditches
I'm getting riches
I'm shit is the sickest
Y'all niggas ridiculous when i flow
You better understand
Because somebody is suspicious
I'm looking around the room
You hiding all the dishes
Where to find china
This is what i do to find i'mma
Rap rhyma
(you're a supreme-being!)
Uh, supreme-being
Looking at the team
I'm tryna get it down
I'm driving a new beam
I got the 650-i
And i
Looking real spiffy i

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