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50 Cent

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Nights like this... i wish.
Rain drops would fall
5 heartbeats left
One last deep breath.

I got a 16 shot rugger, i got 16 cars
All over how i write 16 bars.
Ja, joe and jada they're fuckin' retards
I run interscope, uh-uh oh, my god
Your stuff i'll make it hot
You want i'll get ya shot
You're just open your coffin
You're dead men walking.
Now when i'm out in london they say i'm so smart,
I fired rounds from pounds i came up so hard.

I been around the world and aiya-ya-ya
Must be goin' crazy.
Cause i'm still down,
To get down to let off rounds
I'm loadin up my 380
I can't wait 'till i see death.

(tony yayo:)
I'm tryin' to pray to the preacher man but he in new gators
My ascap check got a nigga new haters.
The condos in vegas - cause ny freezin',
My strap is the reason that you on the floor bleedin'.
I learned the coke game young and watchin' 50!
And learned the dope game fast ask bo-diddly.
Automatic mossberg in the all white fur

Shotgun pellets out of snow white spur. (shot) (damn!)

I been around the world and aiya-ya-ya!
Must be goin' crazy.
Cause i'm still down,
To get down to let off rounds.
I'm loadin' up my 380
I can't wait 'till i see - death!
Oh babyyyy!
Nigga i'm gonna... i'm gonna find you.

(50 cent)
It's the first of the month
It's the first of the motherfuckin' month nigga
It's a fuckin' zoo out here, man
These fuckin' chimpanzees, man
Fuckin' monkeys talkin' 'bout me, man
Pull through there man, it's hot
These niggas out on the curb, i'm like look at these donkie
Bunch of fuckin' jackasses
Man go do something, nigga
What the fuck, man?
Damn, nigga go to jail nigga
Give yourself an excuse for bein' fuckin' broke nigga
Come on, man
Fuck is up man
This 50, man
South side, man
You already know what i'm about boy

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